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General Posted on September 21st, 2015

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A while ago I had a call one Saturday at the clinic in Eastbourne.  A gentleman asked if I could see him later that day as he had a phobia of dentists and needed to make an appointment to see one urgently.  He had heard that NLP & IEMT can help with phobias and knew I had helped a colleague of his with a spider phobia.

At first I agreed that he could come along for a session that afternoon.  As I wrote his name in the diary I asked him some more questions.  He told me he was in severe pain, unable to eat or drink and felt unwell.  He described feeling like he had flu, swollen glands in his neck, a temperature and was aching and tired.  I felt his symptoms were probably related to his toothache and that he needed urgent medical attention.

I advised him he should not wait to see me and explained my reasons, I recommended he went to the emergency department at the DGH (Eastbourne District General Hospital).

I did not meet this gentleman, I recognised that his condition was beyond what I could help with.  As it was a weekend he was unable to see his GP so he sought help at the hospital.  A few days later he text me to say thank you from both himself and his wife.  He had had the tooth removed under general anaesthetic and was treated for a large abscess with intravenous antibiotics and given pain relief.  He assured me he would come to the clinic to deal with his phobia of dentists, to date he had not done so.

Sometimes as practitioners we need to refer clients on to help them in the best and most ethical way possible. ~ Joanna



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