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Testimonials Posted on October 19th, 2015

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My client SW of Eastbourne had a fear of escalators for about 50 years of her life.  She felt for a long time her phobia and fears were holding her back and preventing her from travelling freely.

I helped her with her escalator/travelator phobia in one session; her feedback later the same day was brilliant, as she used the travelators in her local Morrisons supermarket.  (Previously she had been unable to use these or the lift and used the stairs instead.)

She text me to say “Thanks for today, I feel great. I’ve just been up and down the travelator at Morrisons. I did’nt need to go shopping I just went in to go up and down the travelator!”

She emailed me two days later to say that other long term fears of the dark and confined spaces had also disappeared after the session.

Both NLP and IEMT are consistantly helpful in helping clients leave phobias and fears in their past.

I’m delighted that my client has noticed such positive changes so soon, and was confident to test the phobia change work the same day.

Call me to book an NLP & IEMT appointment with me at my clinic in Eastbourne.

Want to learn to use NLP for yourself and/or your clients?  Introductory courses, NLP Diploma and NLP Certified Practitioner trainings coming soon to Eastbourne.   For more information contact me directly.

Or join my NLP Practice Group Monday 26 October 2015 at the clinic from 7-9pm.  This is a popular group so do book to guarantee your place.  Best wishes ~ Joanna

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